Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Sharing the Love

Our family of the week is climbing towards right at $900!! They are so grateful. Have you donated and shared this page? Thank you for your dollars! Darren and Jenna are both very involved in their church's adoption ministry......their gifts are going through their church and given straight to their family.  So, if you see a church name when you click on the DONATE button,  you are in the right spot!
Did you know Give1Save1 Asia is not a non profit? Just a blog that allows you to support families who are adopting.
Every week we switch families. Every week we ask for a dollar. That's all. When we all give, those dollars add up fast! Ask the Lewis'!  Click our "About" button to learn more.

The Lewis family is adopting an older child. Learn more about how to help an older child transition.
I'm excited for all of them--aren't you?? This little girl is in store for so much love.

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