Monday, August 13, 2012

The O'Dell Family is Growing by 2!

Hi there, everyone! Another week means another family here on Give1Save1! Before we introduce our family of the week, I want to thank you again for your outpouring of support for last week's family. (and every other week!)  The Hursts are sooo thankful for everything---you gave and shared like nobody's business!!

Now. Meet this week's family....Jolene and Devin O'Dell.  The O'Dell family currently has four children, 2 bio and 2 through adoption. They are about to add 2 more beautiful babies to their family! A boy and a girl, 5 years old, both are waiting in China.  Both are in orphanages and both have some special needs. Remember we talked about waiting children before?                           These 2 children are waiting for their family. Wanna help?  Watch their video now and get your paypals ready....

The O'Dell Family

Don't you love them already? Me, too!  Let's blast the O'Dell's paypal this week!! They are traveling soon--this month, actually!  Traveling is expensive, but they are more than ready to go get their newest additions!

Are you ready to be a part of their story??  DONATE  here or by clicking the big pink donate button on the side.  Also, learn more about the O'Dells  on their blog.  SHARE their story on Facebook, tweet it, blog about it...tell your friends and neighbors:) Ok? Ok.

Have a great week and let's welcome the O'Dells to Give1Save1 Asia by showing them some major love! 

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