Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Hurst Family Update

The Hurst family is ready to have their little boy home. Jiang is in China waiting for them, too. He has some medical needs that will require lifelong care. The Hursts are climbing toward $400 already. (see update below) Let's help them break the $500 mark today!  Can you  help by giving and sharing their story?  Thank you--you're too kind.
I love learning about our Give1Save1 families....don't you? I think you'll enjoy reading about their journey.

Here's an excerpt from Katie's blog....

God has proven to me again and again that He is faithful. I couldn't tell you how we've come this far. It has been quarters and dimes and pennies and many, many prayers. It has often come down to the very days we had to pay but to this point God has provided every single penny we have needed.

Thank you for being part of their story! (and His story)
UPDATE: They are already at $650!! Thanks, everyone!  How exciting:):)

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