Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Joy Was Waiting

Thank you for stopping by the Asia page! Here's a little update from the Lewis family.....
they have broken $800 already and they are thrilled!  Their goal is $3000. This amount would cover travel expenses for themselves and their new daughter, Joy!  Darren and Jenna have been saving and fundraising and are soooo close to having everything covered. Would you like to help pay for their tickets? Just click the big donate button and give your dollar. Every dollar helps. If you and I give $1 and share the page with 10 of our friends and THEY give a dollar and share with THEIR friends... well, you see where this is going:) Spread the love!!
Check back tomorrow.......I'll give you an update!

Here's a link to an agency that advocates for waiting children. Do you remember what a waiting child is? Scroll down the page to read a little more about them. Joy was a waiting child, but no more, thanks to the Lewis'!  Click on Reece's Rainbow to find out more about these precious babies that are waiting for their families.  This is just one of the fabulous agencies that are advocating for these special children. They even have a smart phone app!!

Monday, July 30, 2012

New Family...Meet the Lewis'

Good morning! This is week 2 of our very own Asia page and we are off to a great start! Thank you for supporting our adoptive families and sharing their stories....it means so much!
This week we will be meeting the Lewis family.  Darren and Jenna Lewis and their family are adopting a sweet girl from the Philippines. She is 7, has some medical needs and is ready to come home! Take a look at Darren and Jenna's video...

Are you ready to donate? Click the big donate button on the left side of the page or donate here.
This sweet family is ready to bring their little girl home!  Can you help? I knew you could!! They will be traveling to the Philippines very soon.  Let's welcome the Lewis' to Give1Save1 Asia today by giving and sharing this page! You are making a difference in their journey to Joy!!
You can read more about their story at Jenna's blog

 Click here to check out the new world map that will take you to the other Give1Save1 pages. US, Africa, the Caribbean, and Europe (coming soon!)

Adopting from Asia and want to be a family of the week? Send me an email at tonyagarrick5 at gmail.com and I'll send you an app!

**UPDATE**  The Lewis family has already raised $700!!  That's fantastic! Thank you for sharing... let's see how quickly we can break $1000.  Ready? Go!

Thanks for stopping by--have a great week!!

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Tucker Family Update-Matching Donor!

Is everyone enjoying the Olympics??  What did you think of the opening ceremony? Who knew the queen was such a good sport!?! It's always fun to watch these athletes who have trained for years to perfect their talent. What's your favorite sport? I looove watching gymnastics, swimming and even cycling. Every little girl wanted to be a gymnast, right?:)
Sooo, you've obviously taken time out of watching the Olympics to donate and share this page!  The Tucker family has passed $600!! They are so thankful for everyone who has supported them, including all of the people they have never met! Thank you, old and new friends!!! If I could give you a gold medal for generosity, I would:)

Enjoy the rest of your weekend......follow along on the Tucker family's blog here.
Remember, you can still donate your $1 through the big DONATE button on the side through Sunday night. Now you can donate on their blog!

**Another UPDATE**  If the Tuckers can (and they DID!) raise $184 by this evening, a gracious donor has offered to match that same amount, bringing them to $1000 raised!!!  Thanks to all who gave! 
Your gifts will pay for Ethan's plane ticket HOME!

Click HERE to see the cool world map that takes you to the other pages including the US, Africa, the Caribbean and Europe (coming soon).....pretty soon, that will be the main Give1Save1 home page!

I'm off to church...enjoy your Sunday, everyone!!

Friday, July 27, 2012

Almost Home

Thanks for stopping by our page.  The Tucker family is sooo close to breaking $500.......can you spare $1 to help? Just hit the big donate button to your left. Thanks for sharing.......you can share this page, too!
Ethan is in China waiting on them to come.  His sisters are waiting on him to come home! Just imagine the fun this family is in store for....adding a sweet baby boy to their family! Can you imagine how excited they are? They are ready to get their son home for good. Scroll down the page to read more about their story and remember, you can always stay connected with them at their blog.   They will be traveling very soon, so you'll want to follow along with their journey.  And you are a part of that journey.

I hope everyone has a great weekend.......thank you for generosity! It means a lot.
See ya next week!

(don't worry......I'll give you a final total of what you all gave this weekend!!!)

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Happy Thursday

Hi all! Great to see you today--thanks for stopping in! Have you had your coffee yet? I'll wait while you get it. 
Okay, I have mine, too.  So I wanted to share a quick bit of info with you.  You really need to take a look at this website. It's Adoption Nutrition and it's chock full of good stuff!  What kind of good stuff? Well, for starters, it tells about many different countries' typical diets.   So, you'll know what your soon to be new child is eating right now.  Then, you can find out how to transition him/her to a more Western diet. There are all sorts of tips and even recipes for you. Pretty awesome.   

Now. Did you stop by to donate to the Tucker family? Don't let me stop you! Click this donate button or the big one on the left. It's your choice!  To those of you who came here by way of the radio spot this morning, welcome!! We hope you enjoy your visit and come back again:) And as a bonus, I have a very cute picture of Tim and Kristen's little guy! Here ya go!

Do you have $1 (or 2) to spare to help his parents bring him home? Thanks! They're going to get him really soon! His sisters are waiting!!  Thanks again for dropping by-see you soon...   

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Wednesday Love

Good morning everyone! Are your kids enjoying their last few days of summer? Mine are. Have you traveled anywhere fun or made any new and exciting summer memories? Art projects, trips to the lake, frog catching...

Tim and Kristen Tucker are about to make another set of memories......very soon.
Have you donated today? Our family of the week is hovering right under $200.  Let's help them break the $200 mark and then let's bump them right on over $300.  Thank you .. I knew you would!
The Tuckers have their visas and are waiting for the travel call! How exciting!! Everything's falling into place.....let's dig deep and show them some love today.
You can donate here or by clicking the big Donate button! Eithe way's fine--we are not picky.
Thanks again.....you're the best!!

**so far, you've donated almost $300!!! thank you!**

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Waiting Children

Hello everyone! I hope your week is off to a great start! I also hope you've had a chance to check out this page as well as our domestic and Caribbean pages. There's a lot happening right now with Give1Save1!! And remember, if you would like to be featured as the family of the week, send an email to tonyagarrick5 (at) gmail.com and I'll send you the application.

Let's talk for a minute about "waiting children." Do you know what that term means?  If you're new to the adoption community, you may not.  Let me give you a brief explanation.  
If a child is older than 3-4 years old, has a special need or is part of a sibling group, they are considered waiting children.  Basically, they are not healthy infants.  BUT, they still need families. Not all special needs are untreatable.  A special need could be diabetes, minor heart defects, limb differences, or developmental delays.  Some are more serious than others. 
In some countries, children with special needs are well cared for. Some are separated from the other children in their orphanage.  Some are sent to mental institutions. And some are adopted.

I know a family who is adopting a sweet boy from China who is waiting for his family. Can you help? I think you can!
Read more about our family of the week below, on their blog, watch their video and donate here or from the big "Donate" button on the side of our page.

Thank you for spending a few minutes here today and thank you for giving to the Tucker family!

Monday, July 23, 2012

Asia Representing!

It's here!! The Give1Save1Asia page is here! Are you as excited as we are?
Cue the applause and let the giving begin.
We are thrilled to feature adoptive families who are bringing their kiddos home from one of the many different Asian countries. Spread the word and invite others to join in the fun!
Is this your first time here? Browse through the other pages and see what you can find!
Let me tell you a little about how this works....

If you are a family adopting from Asia and want to be a featured family of the week, send me an email requesting an application to tonyagarrick5 (at) gmail.com and I'll send you one. Easy as that.
If you are a featured family of the week, your video will be featured from Monday through the following weekend. Encourage your friends, family and neighbors to give! Share it on Facebook, tweet it, Pin it....tell as many people as you can.  We want everyone to know that they can make a difference by giving $1.
If you are a giver, know that you are helping a family unite. There are families and children all over the world waiting to be together.  Your dollar counts. Thank you for giving! And while we're thanking people, let's thank Beth for following her heart by creating this site. She knows firsthand how much adoption can be.
Okay, let's get started...

We are starting off with a bang by featuring our very first family of the week.
Meet the Tucker family! They are a beautiful family of 6 who are adopting a sweet baby boy from China. Take a look at their video and get your wallets ready. (well, your paypal account) We are so glad you stopped by our page! Thank you for giving to the Tucker family and sharing this opportunity with your friends!  Check back often!

Tim and Kristen (we're on a first name basis here, right?) are hoping to travel very soon to bring their son home! Will you help them with those final expenses? (and just so you know, this is not their last adoption---how exciting!) Read more about their story here.   You can make a donation HERE.     
Tell your family, tell your friends......Give1Save1Asia is happenin'!