Saturday, July 28, 2012

Tucker Family Update-Matching Donor!

Is everyone enjoying the Olympics??  What did you think of the opening ceremony? Who knew the queen was such a good sport!?! It's always fun to watch these athletes who have trained for years to perfect their talent. What's your favorite sport? I looove watching gymnastics, swimming and even cycling. Every little girl wanted to be a gymnast, right?:)
Sooo, you've obviously taken time out of watching the Olympics to donate and share this page!  The Tucker family has passed $600!! They are so thankful for everyone who has supported them, including all of the people they have never met! Thank you, old and new friends!!! If I could give you a gold medal for generosity, I would:)

Enjoy the rest of your weekend......follow along on the Tucker family's blog here.
Remember, you can still donate your $1 through the big DONATE button on the side through Sunday night. Now you can donate on their blog!

**Another UPDATE**  If the Tuckers can (and they DID!) raise $184 by this evening, a gracious donor has offered to match that same amount, bringing them to $1000 raised!!!  Thanks to all who gave! 
Your gifts will pay for Ethan's plane ticket HOME!

Click HERE to see the cool world map that takes you to the other pages including the US, Africa, the Caribbean and Europe (coming soon).....pretty soon, that will be the main Give1Save1 home page!

I'm off to church...enjoy your Sunday, everyone!!

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