Monday, July 30, 2012

New Family...Meet the Lewis'

Good morning! This is week 2 of our very own Asia page and we are off to a great start! Thank you for supporting our adoptive families and sharing their means so much!
This week we will be meeting the Lewis family.  Darren and Jenna Lewis and their family are adopting a sweet girl from the Philippines. She is 7, has some medical needs and is ready to come home! Take a look at Darren and Jenna's video...

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This sweet family is ready to bring their little girl home!  Can you help? I knew you could!! They will be traveling to the Philippines very soon.  Let's welcome the Lewis' to Give1Save1 Asia today by giving and sharing this page! You are making a difference in their journey to Joy!!
You can read more about their story at Jenna's blog

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Adopting from Asia and want to be a family of the week? Send me an email at tonyagarrick5 at and I'll send you an app!

**UPDATE**  The Lewis family has already raised $700!!  That's fantastic! Thank you for sharing... let's see how quickly we can break $1000.  Ready? Go!

Thanks for stopping by--have a great week!!


  1. good luck on your journey to joy! glad to donate!

  2. Adorable family! I am thrilled to donate and to spread the word on behalf of Joy so there can be one less orphan in the world!!!