Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Joy Was Waiting

Thank you for stopping by the Asia page! Here's a little update from the Lewis family.....
they have broken $800 already and they are thrilled!  Their goal is $3000. This amount would cover travel expenses for themselves and their new daughter, Joy!  Darren and Jenna have been saving and fundraising and are soooo close to having everything covered. Would you like to help pay for their tickets? Just click the big donate button and give your dollar. Every dollar helps. If you and I give $1 and share the page with 10 of our friends and THEY give a dollar and share with THEIR friends... well, you see where this is going:) Spread the love!!
Check back tomorrow.......I'll give you an update!

Here's a link to an agency that advocates for waiting children. Do you remember what a waiting child is? Scroll down the page to read a little more about them. Joy was a waiting child, but no more, thanks to the Lewis'!  Click on Reece's Rainbow to find out more about these precious babies that are waiting for their families.  This is just one of the fabulous agencies that are advocating for these special children. They even have a smart phone app!!

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