Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Funds for Your Adoption

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Have you seen Africa's page this week? They have a family to support and some good info over there.  Our Caribbean page has a family, too!  Give them a look.

A few FAQs for you to think about.......

Is adoption expensive?  YES.  Plain and simple.  Can you afford it?  YES, again! How, you ask??
Since adoption generally takes several months or even years, you should have time to start saving.  Look at your budget and what you can scale down or do without. For me, I"ve decided to skip buying new clothes for myself (no, my kids are not wearing rags) and go easy on my coffee habit! Also, we skipped the big vacation this year and are just, in general, watching our pennies.
Maybe you can get a part time job or use a tax refund.  Are you crafty? Sell your creations on Etsy:) Get creative!

Also, you can fund raise, apply for grants and of course, be featured on our blog!

Here are a few suggestions for fundraising.....

Flip Flop 2 Adopt was started by an adoptive family when they realized how expensive it was to bring their son home from Taiwan. Check them out!

Just Love Coffee is another. These 2 fundraisers allow people to shop and you get a portion of the proceeds.  Sweet!

Our domestic blogger, Bonnie, included fundraising tips on their page, too!

Did you have any hugely successful fundraising ideas you would like to share? I've heard of people hosting dinners, having garage sales, auctions......the list goes on!
Once you determine in your heart to adopt, you'll figure it out!

See ya next time!

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