Thursday, August 16, 2012

Thirsty Thursday (and a giveaway!)

Okay, it's not your typical thirsty Thursday, but still...

We will have a giveaway starting today! Yayy! If you donate and share the O'Dell's story, leave a comment telling me that you did both, then you will be entered in the drawing for a Starbucks card!:) Why? Because I love Starbucks, so I assume everyone else does, too! By the way, their new very berry hibiscus refresher is pretty good if it's too hot for coffee!

Did you know the O'Dells are adopting 2 children? Their home is about to get a lot louder!! Do you love a house full of kids? I do and I know Jolene and Devin do, too. Can you help them with their travel expenses and that extra $1000 expense that was thrown their way? It would be awesome if you could!

DONATE big button's being finicky!! (but the new color's cool!)

Remember--give, share, and leave a comment.  I'll announce our winner Sunday!!

By the way...I don't have a family for next week! Adopting? Shoot me an email...tonyagarrick5 at


  1. Jody B., consider yourself entered! I know others have donated...leave us a FB mssg if you need to. We don't want you to miss the drawing!:)

  2. Katie and Jody are both winners... message me your address, please!:)

  3. I donated last week but didnt post it here! oops LOL Congats to the winners :)