Saturday, August 11, 2012

Saturday Sharing

Happy weekend, everyone! This has been a great week for the Hursts. They are currently at $1600 right under $2000 for the week!! --I am truly thankful for everyone giving and sharing this family's story.  I know that Katie and Craig feel the same way!
Want to donate? The big pink donate button on the left will go straight to this family through Sunday. After that, you can follow them and donate on their blog.  Soon, they will have their baby boy home for good!

If you have a minute and an extra dollar, take a look at Africa's family, the Phillips. They are also adopting....2 babies, in fact!  Ashton and Trey are a sweet family--show them a little love:)  Oh, and you can read about Beth and see a pic of her cute little guy, too.

Did you know that our Asia page has had close to 3000 views in the last 3 weeks? AMAZING!! Just think about it. If we all came back weekly and gave ONE dollar to the family of the week, we could bless them beyond belief! That is about 52 bucks per year.  For me, that equals 11 coffees. I can do that.

Enjoy this weekend and I'll see you back here on Monday!

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