Friday, August 17, 2012

Friday Fun

Happy Friday!! Have you seen our new button?? Click on "back to the map" and see our  new world map! Then you can click around and go to the other pages featured:) Pretty cool,huh? Also, we were mentioned in a blog post by No Hands But Ours. (thanks, Stefanie!!)  They provide family support for children waiting in China. Give them a look!!

Guess who's traveling next WEEK?? In a few days, to be exact.  Devin O'Dell!! He'll be bringing their 2 new additions back HOME! Do you have a dollar to help with those travel expenses? You're great, thanks!
Click our big donate button on the left. Your gift is truly appreciated.

Remember to leave a comment after you've given and shared. Right now, there's a 50/50 chance for Katie or Jody to win a Starbucks card.......if you can't leave a comment, shoot me an email or FB us!

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