Monday, August 6, 2012

The Hurst Family is Growing!

Good morning, all! It's our first day of school!!! Nerves and a few tears (we won't say who cried) were flying around this morning. Are your kiddos ready for school? We had storms and internet/power outages this weekend.  How about you? Did you watch the Olympics?? We did...I don't know what I'll do when they're over!

Welcome the Hurst family to our G1S1 Asia family. They are adopting a 4 year old boy from China. He will be joining his 3 siblings who are waiting for him to come home!  Take a look at this family. This little boy is in for some fun!!

Are you ready to donate your dollar?  I knew you would be!
Follow along on their BLOG, too!
Have a great week everyone! Thanks for giving and sharing!! Check back later this week for an update on the Hurst family!

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  1. Awesome! Love the evident grace in their lives!