Wednesday, May 1, 2013

West Meets East

I'm back! I'm also slowly starting to feel a little more like I might survive. We were in China in March getting our incredible son, Simon. We are so very blessed and he is slowly adjusting to life in a family setting.

Here's the thing. I learned a few things while on the other side of the world and in my generosity I have decided to impart my wisdom to you. You can thank me at any time.

Warning...this is meant to be funny!! I loved China and its people, its always an adventure when cultures clash!

#1 Learn to laugh at yourself, at others, at life. 

#2 Practice your hackey sack skills.

#3 Ask your friends to all spit randomly within your presence in preparation for this trip

#4 Don't ask what is being served for dinner.

#5 Practice your swimming skills or crash diet quickly and severely. 

#6  Practice your squats before heading east. Trust me on this one. 

#7 Repeat with me, "Rain is beautiful, rain is cleansing. We love rain."

#8 Learn how to slip carefully. I need to work on this one.

#9 Realize that this is such an incredible journey and be thankful for every single second.

 #10 Remember these moments and hold them close to your heart.

Seeing his smile reminds me that every single moment of heartache in this journey couldn't compare to the joy  we receive from having him in our lives. 
Isn't he just amazing?

Glad to be back....


  1. Congratulations! I'm a little worried about the slipping carefully part this time around.

  2. actually cracking up at this one!