Monday, May 13, 2013

Summer's Coming!

School's almost out! My kids are so excited--so am I, actually.  Any big summer plans?? Hitting up all of the VBS' in your area?? Beach? Lake? Daycamp? Sleeping late?

CLICK HERE to sign up with Pure Charity.   You can be a family of the week and you can have a giving account.  Nice!!

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                                  Tonya (that's me!) blogs at Peaceloveandcaffeine 
Can't wait to hold this sweetie again! (Temper, and all!)

                                                        Paula is at Super Sloans!
The Crafty, Homeschooling, Adoption Lovin' Paula

                                            You can find Katie at Rivers and Miles.
Recently home with the handsome Simon, mother to 4 cuties!

Have you given to the Dismuke family yet? Here's how to donate to their matching grant--it will take about 2 minutes!
1. Go to
2. Select Give to an Adoptive Family
3. Complete online form and fill in Family Account Number & Family Name Fields with "Preference Dismuke # 3342 adoption"
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