Wednesday, May 15, 2013


Are you waiting for your approval? 
Are you knee deep in paperwork? 
Are you checking your email every 10 minutes?
Wait,was that the phone ringing?

Oh, sister, I have been there! Someone once said adoption is, "hurry up and wait." 
Truth. They spoke truth. The naked, ugly truth.
If one more person told me that God's timing was perfect I thought I'd punch them in the nose.
Truth. That is truth. I am not perfect.
I restrained.
Waiting is hard.

Life gets so stressful while you are waiting for someone else to give you permission to hold your own child.
We need to remember to have some fun!
Here are a few things to help you pass the time. 

1. Have a marshmallow fight.

2. Break out the squirt guns or the nerf guns or paintball guns.

3. Play a good natured prank on your significant other.

4. Make a hula hoop. Seriously. 
(I just did this to add some fun into the "after the wait" part of this journey. Best.Decision.Ever.)

Laugh. Giggle. Cry. Laugh some more.

Today is so long and I get it. I really do. I won't minimize your struggle.

But put down the phone, tuck the computer away,
 and go do something fun!

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