Sunday, May 12, 2013

New Week--Meet The Dismukes!

I love having a new family to feature on Mother's Day! How was yours, by the way? I hope it was fun and filled with gifts or nice and quiet, with plenty of relaxation.....whatever you like best!  I know for some, it can be difficult, so to all of you mamas, soon to be moms, moms that have lost their sweet babies, birthmothers who love their children from afar, those whose mothers are already with Jesus and those of you who struggle with motherhood, happy Mother's Day. And to all of the women who have loved our children along the way, this day's for you, too.

Let me introduce you to the Dismuke family. Heather and Michael had originally planned on adopting a sweet little girl from Russia.  But, as you know, that is not possible right now.  So, the Dismukes have allowed themselves to fall in love again with a beautiful little girl from China.  They are matched with Johanna and are being matched with a second child, as well.  Right now, the Dismuke family has a matching grant with Lifesong.  Can you help them meet their grant? Your dollar turns to $2.....$5 turns to $10.  The Dismukes have been on their adoption journey for a while and it's taken some twists and turns.  Let's show them lots of love and support this week!
Here's a picture of the beautiful Miss Johanna...

Aren't I sooo cute????


Here's how YOU can give to their's super easy, don't worry!

1. Go to
2. Select Give to an Adoptive Family
3. Complete online form and fill in Family Account Number & Family Name Fields with "Preference Dismuke # 3342 adoption"

Take a few minutes to visit their blog.....we don't have to have a video, right?? Visit Heather and Michael's blog ....Living According To His Glory.    (I happen to know Heather sells Pampered Chef, by the way!)

Enjoy your week! Thanks for being awesome!

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