Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Waiting Stinks

Hey friends.....I hope all is well! No family on our page this week, but definitely check out the rest of the Give1Save1 pages.  And, if you haven't signed up on Pure Charity, do it! To fundraise or give, you'll need a page.

We've been matched with our daughter for over and year.  Someone asked me today if the waiting was getting the best of me.  Honestly, yes.  Some days, it's rough.  It will happen, we will travel and she will come home.  But, man, the wait is tough!  If you have friends or family in that long wait, take it from me.....they may be going a little crazy. And take it from me again, they know it! So, I'll apologize for all of us.  Sorry we're losing our minds! We want our babies home! To all of you waiting mamas, (and daddies) I hear ya! To all of our supporters, friends and family, thanks for the love:)

Thank you for reading--we'll have a family of the week very soon!


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