Tuesday, May 7, 2013

The Unsung Heroes

There are many out there that have a huge heart for adoption, but for a variety of reasons never find themselves on the path of adoption.
You know who you are, and so do those close to you.
You give and you sacrifice for an orphan to land in the arms of someone else.
You ache for them and your heart is heavy with the burden.
You feel like you never do enough.
You feel less.

God bless you.
You carry us.
You lift us up when we say we can't go on.
You remind us that God is Jehovah Jireh, Our Provider.
You remind us to tell mountains to move.
You bake cookies for our sales.
You show up to our garage sales.
You give your last $1 every single week.

God bless you.
We get called heroes.
We get to be in the spotlight.
We get to fill our arms.

Can I just say thank you?
You are the unsung heroes.
You are not less.
You are a huge part of orphan care.
You are just as important.
You amaze me.

Someday in heaven when you stand before Christ I have a feeling you will hear the laughter of a thousand children and you will feel their arms surround you. You will hear those precious words, "Well done. You have been faithful."

And you have. Thank you from an adoptive mommy who has watched a village save one boy. You have not gone unnoticed. Your dollar meant the world to me.

You are my heroes. Be blessed, my friends.

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