Sunday, May 5, 2013

New Week-Meet the Gotbeters!

It's time to meet our family of the week! Tommy and Brittan Gotbeter and their family are adopting a beautiful little girl from China. She is 2 years old and will join the other 3 cuties waiting for her at home.

                                          Ahhh! Don't you want to kiss those cheeks??

Their video is it and be sure to donate on their blog! They have a DONATE button and a "ticker" so you can keep up with their progress. The Gotbeters have been having a $10 challenge and are still in need of a big chunk of money.  You can help, right? Here ya go! Time to learn more about Molly's needs and how you can help.

Watch their video...


 Isn't she precious? All of their children are! They are so ready to have her home and part of their family.   Thank you for being a part!


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  1. she's precious! donated. i hope you guys have a great week on here!