Sunday, April 28, 2013

New Week, New Family! Welcome the Bernards!

Thanks for stopping by today.  Time to introduce our family of the week!
Welcome the Bernard family to our blog! They are Paul and Shecki and they are adopting 2 beautiful children from China, Luke and Katie.   These 2 newest members will be children numbers 9 and 10! I LOVE big families! Don't you??  The Bernards should travel this summer.
Let's watch their video and get to know the Bernard family..... 

Are you ready to DONATE?? Go to their blog and click the big donate button.  Your gift will go to their Reece's Rainbow fund which is tax deductible. 
Quick note about Reece's Rainbow. They are an adoption advocacy site that allows families who are adopting special needs' children to fundraise through them. They hold those funds until you receive a travel call, so this money will be a huge help with travel, plane tickets, etc.  Yes, I love Reece's Rainbow.

The Bernards also have a coupon fundraiser going on! Check it out. You can buy restaurant gift cards for cheap. A win-win!

Here's  one last look at Katie and Luke.   Aren't they the sweetest?

Enjoy your week and thanks for giving!!

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