Monday, April 22, 2013

New Week, New Family--Jennifer Cameron!

Hey, how are ya? I'm loving this spring weather- are you??

I'm excited to introduce Jennifer Cameron to the blog.  Jennifer founded Into The Field , an organization that helps support others in their mission work, plans mission trips, etc.  She's a busy woman! On one of her many international trips, Jennifer met a little girl who really needed a family. Well, I guess you know what I'm going to say next, but take a look at her video for the rest of the story:)

                                                          WATCH THEIR VIDEO!
 From Jennifer...

 Two of my deepest dreams have been to be a wife and a mom.  And for reasons only He knows, God has said, “not now” to both of those dreams…until last June. 
Five years ago I felt called to step away from my job and to launch Into the Field, a 501c3 ministry that works with primarily small grassroots Christian ministries and serve them in a variety of ways.  In addition to serving the other ministries, I have a heart to serve others.  This has taken me to Ukraine, Honduras, and 6 times to China.  Usually when I go to China, I love on the kids and pray for their forever families to  come while knowing that it isn’t me.  And then I picked up Olivia.  Instead of praying for her family to come, I had a sense that I was her family.  When I got home, I called a friend of mine who as welcomed 6 from China – Amie Swaddling – and she laughed wondering if she would call me before I called her because she could just tell from our picture that we were meant to be a family!  It has been pretty amazing to watch the different ways that God has been showing up and affirming that this is in fact the road that I’m to be walking.  I have always been open to adoption, but just figured it would be after I was married.  (I think that parenting is difficult enough when you have 2 actively engaged parents, and that while sometimes situations result in single parent families, I NEVER dreamed that I would be initiating one!!!)  Since June we have been simultaneously chasing our paperwork.  Mine arrived in China in January and sat waiting for hers until the end of February.  We now officially have our PA and are now eagerly awaiting our LOA.  I am super blessed because she is in a foster home where 11 of the 12 kids share her medical diagnosis and dear friends of mine are the ministry leaders there – which means that I am blessed with regular updates of photos and videos!

Are you ready to give? CLICK HERE to donate your dollars to Jennifer's adoption! She's followed our blog for a while and supported our past families.  Now it's her turn! Thanks for your support--it means so much!
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  1. And guess what? As of Monday afternoon we now have our LOA! Our Letter of Approval from China - which means that I am Olivia's Mom! (I already knew this...we just were waiting for the "official" entities to say so!) Now our paperwork is back in the US and working its way through a couple of steps here...We're getting close! Thank you for your support!!!

  2. so excited for you!!! God bless you on your journey!!!