Sunday, July 21, 2013

Welcome The Harmon Family

Look at this cuteness. 
Don't you love them already?
I do.

Did you see the curls, the argyle, the polka dots, the stripes, the smirk of Mr. Handsome?

Matt and Lisa have three beautiful children, two girls and one boy and they are bringing home their second son from China!

He is a sweetheart. 
Anyone want to pinch those cheeks?
Me, me, me!

Let's get this party started. Open three browser windows.

1. You are already here at  
And you are anxiously awaiting my instructions on how to help unite this family!
You rock.

2. The Harmon Family blog, which for the record is awesome

Hover your arrow over the right hand side and find the donate button
Click the donate button.
Boom! Magically paypal appears with a ready made slot for you to type in your donation.
How easy was that?

3. Facebook. Spread the word. Link back to this page so that others can read about this super family and help unite them with their son.

Don't skip this video. It's sweet as can be and you'll want to see it from start to finish.
I'm heading over to watch it again. Who's with me?

Harmon Adoption from Josh Sliffe on Vimeo.

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