Wednesday, July 10, 2013

All Girls Allowed/Sevenly!


Since China started enforcing its One Child Policy in 1980, over 37 million girls have disappeared in the world's largest gendercide and over 336 million forced and coerced abortions have occurred under the policy's reign? But there is hope! Check out the All Girls Allowed movement and find out how you can join what God is doing to bring an end to these injustices.  

This was taken off of the All Girls Allowed website.  Did you know this still went on? Some think that it's not a real problem, actually happening today, in 2013.  It is.  Women are forced to have abortions, often late term. Women are forced to go into hiding.  Babies are abandoned.

This week, Sevenly is featuring All Girls Allowed. When you buy their shirts, they will support this wonderful organization and their rescue operations in China.  Read more on their blog.

Buy a shirt, support mothers and babies.

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