Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Shopping/Pure Charity/Adler Family

Hey there! Did you know you can SHOP through Pure Charity and benefit the Adlers? Well, you can. I asked Janell to fill me in on how and this is what she said...

When they sign up through our links, they will become a part of our advocate network and will then be able to see who all the partner websites are to shop through. When they click on the shopping cart icon they can look through a TON of shopping sites like groupon, Expedia, toys r us, disney store, best buy and lots more! Each one donates a certain percentage of their purchase into their pure charity donation account. They can either download the tool bar thing (pretty fancy term, eh? Lol) and that will pop up whenever they are On a site that donates, or they can browse through the shopping cart tab in pure charity. So long as they click through the website to shop or on the toolbar button when it pops up, it will automatically work after they check out. 

I did it with a groupon I bought recently to see how it would work. A couple days after I checked out (I honestly think it was as long it takes to process a credit card payment) they had placed the money in our donation account. I did get an email letting me know the money was available too! All I had to do was go onto our fundraiser page and clicked on the "back this fundraiser" button. I only donated what was placed in my account, but you can opt to do more as well! 

Go to Pure Charity  to create your giving fund.

Thank you for your awesomeness!

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