Thursday, July 18, 2013

Pages of Inspiration

I love books. No, I really love books. I love how you can learn from a book or just drift away from the world by opening one. I own a kindle but I still prefer my solid, hold it in your hand, flip the pages and smell the ink book. I realize I just confessed my craziness on the world wide web for everyone to see. That's okay. I love them that much! 
 There were definitely a few books that were instrumental in my choice to adopt. 

 When I was nine years old I read this book,

Loved it. Still do. Still read it occasionally. It was the book that ignited a fire in me for orphans in China.

This was a book I read while we were waiting for a match in the foster/adoption world.

Heaven help me I love this book. I devoured this book. It's amazing. Have you read it?

What outside sources inspired you on your journey of adoption? Did you have any books that pushed you into the adoption world like these?

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