Sunday, July 28, 2013

Ledbetter Family

The Ledbetters are our family of the week! If you go read their blog, you know this has been a tough few weeks for them in the adoption world. Nobody likes this torturous waiting, nobody. Yet, the Ledbetters are handling this with grace and faith and honesty. I love their honesty. It's refreshing to those of us that have been there or are there. I remember those moments of talking to God and watching my friends that I had so hoped to travel with flying to China without me. It was tough, ugly tough. Reading through their blog reminded me of those days.

That's where we come in. Give1Save1 is a community of people committed to reminding our families of hope, reminding them through our $1 that they are not alone. It may be only $1 to you, but I remember being on the receiving end and that $1 meant people cared, that God had not forsaken us, that we were moving forward even if the pace was painfully slow.

Get your paypals open and ready to add $1 to their fund to bring their daughter home from Thailand.

They made her a birthday party even though she wasn't home to celebrate.
And they had paper lanterns in the shape of pink hearts.
It's perfectly acceptable to cry at this point. I did.

Moving onward.
Head over to their blog, find the donate button on the right hand side and click it.
Watch the video.
Oh help, what is it about this family that makes me cry like I'm watching
 Anne of Green Gables again??

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