Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Where in the world?

Quick recap of where our most recent families are at in their adoption process!

Jennifer Cameron just got the word this morning that her Consulate appointment is scheduled! So, she is gettin' on a jet plane and going to get her baby girl! Woot. She will hold her daughter on July 1st.

Remember the Bernard Family? They were adopting Luke and Katie from China. Guess what? They are there right now! Both Luke and Katie are officially Bernards. First they got Luke then made the trek to Katie. They amaze me with how well they are handling two at once! They have done an excellent job of updating their blog with tons of pictures of their journey. It actually made me start to miss China a little bit. 
Don't you just love seeing the four of them together at last?

The Gotbeter Family is still in the thick of the process hoping to be LOA in the fall. LOA stands for Letter of Acceptance and happens to be a huge thing in the China adoption world. Huge, as in throw a party, bake a cake huge. Keep checking in with them on their blog. Click their name to go to their blog!

The Dismuke Family is nearly DTC (dossier to China!). This means that all of their fancy paperwork that has taken SO long to put together is authenticated by everyone and their mother and is now being shipped to China to be matched with their referral and then they will get their LOA in return! DTC is another huge moment of excitement in the adoption world. 

The Shepard Family is waiting for their paperwork to go to China. They recently received their I800A approval. Which may not mean much to you, but it does to them! Every step is a triumph in this process. 

The Sanders have travel approval!!!!! This means they are now allowed to travel to go get Mason as soon as they have a date for their Consulate appointment. Everybody shout with me! Wahoo!!! The thing is the Sanders still could use our help financially. They are traveling but have not yet met their fundraising goals. Can we help them out and show a little extra love today? You can still donate through their blog!

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