Sunday, June 30, 2013

New Week--The Mikle Family!

It's almost July! I hope you're having an awesome summer!
It's time to welcome the Mikle family to our blog! We're excited to have them here and hope you will show them some love and share their story.  Jason and Kristi are adopting a beautiful little boy from Hong Kong.  He will make them a family of 6!  You can learn more on their Pure Charity page.
Remember, since the Mikles have a Pure Charity account your donation will be tax deductible.  Thanks for supporting our families! You can donate through the link on the right and we can watch their total grow throughout the week.  Be sure to click over there and watch their video!
You can visit Kristi's blog HERE and see some reaallyy cute pictures.
Thanks, everyone.....have a great week!

CLICK Here To Go Straight To The Mikle's Page!

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