Monday, June 10, 2013


I have never been more proud to be a part of any community than I am now. The adoption community has rallied around one of our own. The sweet Hammond family lost their new son, John Thomas less than a day after arriving home from China. They were a part of my personal adoption support group and it touched me deeply. I was stalking their blog. I was praying daily for them. I was cheering them over the finish line to home and medical care. I was devastated when the news reached me of this unimaginable loss. So many people were immediately asking how to help and if there was a fund to help with the new costs. Friends and family have set up a fund to help them with the unexpected costs of the funeral for sweet John Thomas with Give Forward. Please, visit the link and help this dear family during this time. 

Any funds collected above what they will need for the funeral costs will go to a fund for other parents adopting a baby with a heart condition. You can read back through their story on their blog at:

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