Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Tee Shirt?

Hey there, give 1ers!! I hope you're having a fantastic day!

Please pardon my personal plea here.....sooo.....Want a tee shirt?? They're 20 bucks shipped and are going to my own personal adoption fund.
Here's a  pic and sorry, but I couldn't suck in anymore!! (kidding, kidding)

Here I am!! Nice to meet ya!
My 11 year old took this pic and I kept trying to get a good angle;) I wanted to turn to the side but you couldn't see the writing...."everyone is someone".  (the back has a quote by Mother Teresa in an outline of Korea)  Men/women's sizes....the men's have a slightly more "washed look" and are not V necks! The ladies' shirts are roomy and true to size. I'm 5 10 and that's a medium shirt I'm wearing. It's not too tight around the "middle."  Man, things got personal here today.

You can message me or order through my blog if you want one. (order a necklace, too, while you're there!)

Beth's taking orders for her artwork. Time to shop for Christmas!
Order on the Africa page. I love them--mine are on the way!
I'm a bit partial to this one!

Alright, everyone. Keep following along on our blog....we will have a new family next week!

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