Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Ready for Turkey? (and pie, and dressing...)

Are you ready for Thanksgiving?? I am! I only have to bring side dishes, so I have it easy. What about you? Have you already started cooking or do you get to just show up and eat?  My kids are excited for their break and getting to see family. We'll hit the road tomorrow.  Do you go out of town for Thanksgiving or stay home? Serve at a shelter? Go to dinner with friends? Whatever you do, I hope you enjoy it.

The Penland family will be in CHINA for Thanksgiving, picking up their 2 children! That will be a great Thanksgiving memory. Thank you for giving to them.  They'll be on our blog all week, so pass it along! Share away.  (Watch their VIDEO if you haven't already!) Hit the big donate button if you haven't yet. Many thanks. If you haven't liked us on  Facebook  yet, go ahead! And feel free to post on that page, too. We're all family here:)

Enjoy your time with family and friends!

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