Thursday, November 29, 2012

Give Away

Like this bracelet? It's the giveaway!

Hello! Having a good week?? Have you decorated for Christmas? I have not.  I don't really know when that will happen.  I'm hoping one of your elves on the shelves will show up at my house and work his magic.

Check out our domestic page....Give1Save1 Domestic.  They have a blog link up for fundraising, auctions, etc.  Pretty cool!  There are other families to support on the Africa and Carribean pages, too.

The DONATE button is working fine now if you're wondering. See it over there on the left?

The Kreps family should be coming home soon with their newest addition. You're a part of their journey.  Have you commented on Katie's blog for her giveaway?  (or on here or  Facebook??)
 Most organizations offering grants will not give them to families once they travel.  We feel blessed to allow you to donate through their whole adoption journey.  You are helping pay for some of the expenses on their trip--food/taxis/hotels/airline tickets, etc.  (all donations go straight to our families) Also, the Kreps' little boy, Darren Xiangzi, will need surgery for his heart condition when he comes back home.
 Please know that your gift is valuable and much appreciated. 

Have you donated to charity:water yet? They build wells in underdeveloped nations.  Clean water is a big deal.

Do you have a charity or project close to your heart? If it fits with our giving theme, let me know about it! You're a generous bunch!

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