Thursday, November 15, 2012

Holiday Fun

It's Thursday--this week is flying by! Have you donated to the Jacksons? Well, thank you very much!
Starbucks has their holiday drinks on sale, BOGO,  from 2-5 for a few days.  Just thought you should know. Oh, and if you want to get some Cranberry Bliss Bars for me, go ahead. They'll ship just fine!

(In case you forgot who you were donating for!)

The holidays are coming soon and I was wondering.... what are your favorite holiday traditions with your children?  We love opening 1 gift on Christmas eve, making a gingerbread house and (usually) having an advent calendar.  And I love looking at Christmas lights. What about those with children from other cultures--do you incorporate their holiday celebrations into your own? Do you celebrate them seperately? What do you do?? I'll need to know this info next year, so leave comments, folks!  Don't be scared. 

If you haven't donated, you may do so now. Also, be sure and visit our other pages by clicking "back to the map".  There are lots of posts happening these days!

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