Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Ready and Waiting

Hey there! For those of you who participate in trick or treating and fall festivals, what costumes are your kids wearing?? My youngest wants to be his brother's shadow. Yes, folks, that is what I said.  My oldest made a "Steve head" from Mine Craft.  Looks like a cheap year for costumes at my house!!

The Walkers are very thankful for your support.  If you haven't donated, go ahead! Click the big donate button to the left. (to the left)  Tell your friends about them, too.  They're ready to bring their little boy home from China.  He has Spina Bifida and all of the money we give them is going into their FIG account through Project Hopeful. (more about that later...)   Just know that it's going towards bringing him HOME!

Want to know more about their family? Visit their blog!

Thanks for visiting and don't eat too much candy tomorrow!!

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