Sunday, October 14, 2012

New Week-Tuckers to China

I hope you had a great weekend!  Thanks for stopping by today.  Are you enjoying the fall weather? I did buy some pumpkins, so I'm feeling very accomplished.

Do you remember the Tucker family? They were our very first Give1Save1 Asia family a few months back. (click here for the original post) Thank you for supporting them during this journey.
The Tuckers traveled to China several weeks ago to bring their little boy home. Things did not go as planned.  Watch their video

and read what Tim and Kristen wrote...

As many of you may remember, we traveled to China to meet our son on August 16, 2012. Just 30 minutes until our “gotcha” moment was to happen we were told Ethan was in an Intensive Care Unit in a hospital in Changzhou. He was not coming. We were told that we should just ask for another child. This was something we were not going to do. He had already been abandoned once in his young life, we were NOT going to abandon him a second time. Ultimately, we were sent home without our son.
The last several weeks have been some of the most trying times we have experienced since we began our life in adoption back in 2005. Our emotions have been beat up and bruised, but we have remained committed to our son.
Through each of our adoptions we’ve learned many things. God has sure been teaching us a lot of lessons during Ethan’s adoption. We wanted to share with you what we feel is the most important lesson we have learned about adoption. Before our church service this morning we would have told you that all our adoption journeys were a mission for God. We now understand that attitude is actually the wrong attitude to have.
When you have an attitude that you are on a mission for God, you might find yourself questioning God (as we did through much of Ethan’s adoption). When things go wrong (as something always does during an adoption) you might find yourself saying, “God why is this happening?” or “We are doing this for you God, why did you let this happen?”
We now believe that we are NOT on a mission FOR God, but we are on a mission WITH God. This is God’s story that He is writing through Ethan and our adoption. We have had more than our fair share of tragedies through this adoption. Many of our family and friends have told us they are praying for a miracle to happen for us. Miracles don’t happen just because you want one. They don’t happen just because your need one. They happen when you’re on a mission WITH God, allowing Him to do His work through you.
We are honored to be walking WITH God on this mission. Ethan’s story is having such an impact on others in so many different ways. On Saturday, Kristen had the chance to talk with a mom that has a little boy adopted from China. He too had heart surgery in China before coming home. Her son had been coming home from school very tired and lethargic. He had many symptoms of an upper respiratory infection. One day she was talking to someone that told her about Ethan’s video we posted from the hospital. As she watched the video, she immediately began to think of her son. The video panned over to the monitors in Ethan’s hospital room. She knew her son was even sicker than Ethan. She felt God telling her to make an appointment with their doctor. They discovered he too was in need of a pacemaker!
He has since had surgery and is now doing so much better. She told Kristen that Ethan saved her son’s life. God’s plan is so much more perfect than ours. Sunday’s message at church seemed to be directly targeted at our hearts. Had our mission FOR God been successful, who knows what impact that could have had in other situations. Our new found mission WITH God will bring even more miracles to even more people.

Want to donate to the Tuckers this week? They are appreciative of all of the support they've been shown so far. They will be traveling back to China next week! Let's show them some love!


  1. I have been wondering what happened with this situation. I am so thrilled to see that they are going back to get their son! I've shared this on Facebook and a forum I frequent. Hoping we can help send them on their way!

  2. Wow! Chills! So excited to be able to help spread the word about this family! Will be posting to FB and the blog this week. --Shannon

  3. Thanks for sharing,ladies!!:) They've had an eventful journey so far.