Thursday, October 25, 2012

How You Can Help

Thank you for visiting our page today! If you haven't donated to the Ohler family, go right ahead! Use the big donate button on the side and it will go straight to them. Thanks!!  Have you visited their blog yet? Take a look.  There are some reallllly cute pictures on there!  Remember, the Ohler family also has cookbooks and tees on their blog.  Buy one for a Christmas gift.  (or for yourself!)  Have you shared their story?   Just share this link on your own Facebook or Twitter.  They appreciate the support. 

So, you want to help children who need a home, but you can't adopt? Have you ever thought about hosting a child for the holidays? What does it mean to host?  It means you invite a child into your home for a few weeks. You are able to share love with that child, give them a glimpse into a positive family and share God's love with them.  A lot of these children have never seen how a family should operate.  You could change that.  New Horizons For Children, Inc.  has a hosting program.  You can learn more about the program and find answers to your questions there. 

Congratulations to Katie for winning the tee shirt from our Facebook giveaway! Thanks, Katie--hope you love it!

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