Thursday, October 18, 2012

Ethan's Update....Getting Involved

Hi friends....I hope you're all having a great week! We had major storms last night, but today is beautiful!

We have an update from the Tuckers about their son, Ethan. You may remember that Ethan was supposed to come home with them a few months back, but was too sick to travel. The Tuckers have had a lot of ups and downs.  Here's their latest update:

We finally got an update today on Ethan.  He made it safely to the hospital in Beijing.  After their evaluation, they have determined Ethan needs his pacemaker surgery BEFORE he can travel.  Half The Sky Foundation is currently working to get this surgery done.  The cost of the surgery is $16,000.  Half the Sky is currently raising funds for his surgery.  ALL of the funds raised from the G1S1Asia blog will be given to HTS in an effort to get his surgery done ASAP.  We needed help before...but we REALLY need help now to get this DONE!

Thanks for rallying behind the Tucker family!! Your generosity is appreciated and as you can see, going straight to fund Ethan's surgery.  You can donate through our big  "donate"  button on the left.  Want to offer them some encouragement? Their blog is Home Full of can leave them a comment there.

I saw something cool on Facebook. If you're looking for a project for your family, homeschoolers, small group or anyone else, take a look at the Orphanos Foundation . You can send Christmas cards to children in orphanages around the world. They will provide you with name/age and even some sample greetings in their native language. I like it! Anyone can do it--check out the website for details about where to send them and the date deadline.  This program is called Kards 4 Kids and I think you'll like it, too.   Let me know where you send your cards!

You can also get involved with Samaritan's Purse through Operation Christmas Child.  The process is simple: pick an age, fill a box with goodies (details on website) and drop it off to be sent to a child who may not have much more for Christmas.   Click here to find a drop off location closeby.  (Lots of churches participate.)  You can read about the process and find other ways to get involved, like volunteering and giving.

What are your favorite holiday traditions?  Thanksgiving meal with family and friends? Christmas eve service? Driving around to see the lights?  Baking with your kids? As a little girl, I couldn't wait to see cousins at Thanksgiving and Christmas and to open 1 gift on Christmas eve.  Now my boys love that, too!

See ya soon!

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