Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Roepnack Blessings

The Roepnack family is having a wonderful week of being prayed for, given to, and supported.  The adoption community is close knit and those that support us are part of that community.  So, thank you!

Read what a sweet, fellow adoptive mom (Mary Ostyn) shared on her own blog about the Roepnacks......and while they have never met in person, their shared love for God's children connects them.  As it connects all of us.
Visit her blog at Owl Haven and see if you can relate.  I can.

If you missed Sunday's post, here ya go:)  You can read more about Paul and Missy Roepnack and their sweet family on their blog.  (there are some super cute photos there, too!)

Keep praying, giving and sharing--it works!

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