Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Groves Family!

I hope you're having a good week! Have you given to our family of the week yet?  They're adopting a sweet little girl from India! She will be joining her mom and dad and brother, Aiden.

Hear from the Groves...
           "God has turned our hearts toward India. We learned about a beautiful country with a cultural preference for boys. Often times this preference leads to baby girls being abandoned and even killed because of their gender. This reality gave us a burden for the plight of girls and women in India. As we thought more about this reality our hearts were softened toward specials needs children. Many of these young girls are already unwanted due to their gender then add on a disability of some sort. Our hearts were broken and we said yes to a little girl we have yet to meet. We anxiously await the day when we will see the face of our daughter for the first time. We continue to trust God to provide all we need to bring her home."  

Thanks for supporting each other! 

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