Sunday, August 4, 2013

New Week, Welcome the Silvers Family!!

Time to welcome the Silvers to the blog! Dan and Brandi Silvers are our family of the week, so let's show them some love!
The Silvers are adopting a little boy from China (waiting on the referral) and he will join his 3 siblings at home.  The Silvers are excited to add a little boy to their "all girl" family! Can you help them out?
Learn more at their BLOG (The Silver Scoop) and DONATE HERE.  Their blog has some good info on the adoption process! Go take a look!

(If you need a tax receipt, donate on their blog through Pure Charity. It's on the right side of the blog.)
Thanks for stopping by and check back this week for an announcement:)

Have a great week!

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