Sunday, August 18, 2013

Meet the Thompson Family!

Hi there! I'm happy to introduce the Thompson family to you today! They will be on the blog this week  so let's give them a warm welcome!:)
Matt and Ashleigh Thompson have 3 handsome sons, Jacob, Aidan and Tru, and have been matched with a beautiful daughter in China.  Her name is Ellie Kay, she's 8 months and they hope to travel this fall! Go visit their blog to get to know them even better:)
Can you give them $1 AND ask your friends to do the same? Just share this page on your own Facebook, Twitter, blogs, emails, however you choose! All of our dollars add up and make a huge difference.
Watch their video....

And since you LOVE them already, give your dollars!  They have a grant through Lifesong.
This is the info needed to donate-it will take about 2 minutes:) LIFESONG For Orphans Link Please specify Thompson family (#3637).
Thanks so much-have a great week!



  1. Oh! Wow! And WOW again! What a great video! Thank you for letting us be a part! Hugs and love to all y'all. Eager to meet Ellie Kay! Tommie

  2. oh so sweet ! congratulations ! I love chinese Children as well