Thursday, March 7, 2013

Women Helping Women

So, I ran across DFC today. They were hosting a 1 day fundraiser for an adoptive family. I started digging around on their site and LOVED it! And I knew you would, too.
You can shop with a purpose and support efforts against human trafficking. They employ women that are trying to reestablish their lives or keep their own children safe.  They have beautiful jewelry and bags, punjammies and purses and lots of other stuff! I'm off to order to support the fundraiser. What should I get??
                                                           These punjammies?? Can you tell I love saying that?

One more organization you need to know about and this one's local to me! I just heard of Ekata Designs.  They have jewelry  {buy it on Etsy} made by refugee women who are looking for a way to earn money for their families. They are mainly from Bhutan and Somalia.  Again, if you're going to shop, why not support these women?      

I LOVE that these 2 organizations were started by regular women. They just wanted to make a difference and they did.  Don't underestimate yourself and what you are being called to do!


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