Wednesday, March 13, 2013

The Connected Child and Empowered to Connect

Most adoptive parents today have read The Connected Child as part of their required reading or as a suggestion from a friend. It's a fantastic book. I have read the book cover to cover three times now, but I refer to it constantly. I truly believe that every adoptive parent should read this book.

Back in September, the hubby and I headed to Nashville for a weekend to an Empowered to Connect conference. I have to say, I wish we had gone before Zoe came home had gone before having children. Our first two sons are biological children, but this stuff is just good parenting.

The event is put on by Show Hope and was led by Dr. Karyn Purvis together with Michael and Amy Monroe. The weekend was packed with a tremendous amount of insight into brain development and brain chemistry of children who have suffered trauma early in life: including in utero. I walked away with a better understanding of our kiddos, but also with tools in my tool-belt for being the best parent that I can be and for helping them heal and grow.

Watch this promo about the Empowered to Connect Conference.

If you have the opportunity to go to an Empowered to Connect Conference, I urge you to go! It's worth the time it takes to go and learn for two days. I am so glad Michael and I were able to attend together. I think it's helped us both be on the same page as parents. 

Since coming back from the Empowered to Connect Conference, we've made use of the available resources that they've made available online. Maybe you didn't know you can get Created to Connect:  A Christian's Guide to The Connected Child for free online. You can also order printed copies if you wanted to do a group study. 

There is also a tremendous amount of resources available on their website. They have articles, audio, and video clips on just about any topic you could possibly want to learn about. 

You might be wondering if you're going to parent your biological children differently than your adopted children. I like what Dr. Purvis has to say about that.

I hope that you can walk away today feeling encouraged in your parenting - with all your children! I hope you will make use of the resources that are so readily available to you as you are on this journey of Trust Based Parenting. 

If you haven't had a chance to check out this week's awesome family, THE SHARPS, then go do it now! They are as cute as can be and have you been to their BLOG!?!?!? They have quite the adorable line-up of kiddos (and a long line-up too! WOW!) They are leaving in just a couple days to bring home TWO little ones from China. Say a prayer for the Sharp family and help them bring their precious ones home with your donation. No amount is too small. 

Hope your having a great week! 


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