Sunday, March 24, 2013

Meet This Week's Featured Family, The Lanz Family!

This week's family is totally fun! Come meet the Lanz crew. Y'all know I love BIG families and the Lanz's are just that!!! They have eight kids and six grandkids. Now the Lanz's are growing again: by TWO! The Lanz family are adopting two girls from China, ages 6 and 7. Both girls are in the same orphanage and have their physical therapy together (they have cerebral palsy) and know they are getting adopted together - YAY! You can follow along at their journey right here on their BLOG!

You can see some of the Lanz crew running around in their awesome video; I love how playful and fun they all are together. This might go down as one of the BEST Give1 Save1 videos of all time.

Their oldest daughter and son in law wrote the parody to the tune and filmed and edited it too; they did a great job. This family looks like a lot of fun! It goes kind of fast, so here are the words:

We Will Find You in Shenzhen

Could it be that you're our daughter?

A member of our family?

Could it be you have a sis,
Waiting there with you like this
Two girls hoping endlessly?

We can find a room in our home

An empty place within our hearts

Just in need of being filled
We can even say we're thrilled
To see that this is where it starts

We'll fly higher

See it transpire

Soon you will see when
Little Abigail and Jen
We will find you in Shenzhen

We've been tangled up in red tape

Filing forms a mile high

We've been pulling out our hair
Ink is getting everywhere
While we're dotting all the i's

The whole family is longing

Sisters, brothers, Grandma, too

Nieces, nephews, want to play
Just can't wait until the day
When we board that plane with you

Flying higher

It will transpire

Listen here again
Little Abigail and Jen
We will find you in Shenzhen

We'll fly higher

See it transpire

Soon you will see when
Our dear Abigail and Jen
We will find you in Shenzhen

Girls you know it's true

We are coming fast for you

And we'll find you in Shenzhen

We want you to know

Just how much we love you so

We will find you in Shenzhen

Na na na na na na....

Abigail and Jen

Find you in Shenzhen

Okay, so hop on over to the LANZ FAMILY BLOG while that catchy little song is still in your head, click on the donate button, and help them bring those two precious girls home!

Oh, and there's a BONUS too! They are also selling these cool bracelets from the Apparent Project in Haiti. The majority of orphans in Haiti are relinquished because their families just can't afford to keep them. The Apparent Project trains them as Artisans to make jewelry out of cereal boxes. It is making a huge difference for the people in their program.

About the Aritsan who made the bracelet: Marise lost the father of her two children in the earthquake. She is currently living in a tent and is trying to save money to get into a house and pay for her oldest to go to school someday.

For everyone who gives to the Lanz Adoption Fund between now and Friday evening will be entered in a drawing for this beautiful Apparent Project bracelet! And if you just think they're super-cool and need a few of them for yourself or to give to friends, you can purchase them from the Lanz family right HERE!  For each bracelet they sell, they keep $4 for their adoption and $4 goes back to the artisan who made it. That little bracelet is making a big difference. So go give to this awesome family and be entered to win this awesome bracelet (and maybe even grab a couple more too!)

Have a great week, everybody and remember to "Do good. Be rich in good deeds. Be generous and be willing to share." - 1 Timothy 6:18

~ Paula
"I will not leave you as orphans; I will come to you."  - John 14:18

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