Sunday, January 20, 2013

Sunday Sharing!


Hello, good friends!  Thank you for stopping by today.  I hope you're having a great weekend.  We are having nearly perfect weather, so I enjoyed some time outside with my boys this afternoon.  Now I'm drinking coffee.  And now it's a perfect day.

Since we don't have a new family this week (but we will next week, so stay tuned!)  I'm leaving the donate button up for the Cheathams.  They're adopting 2 beautiful children  (a boy and a girl) from China and are traveling very soon, so feel free to give to them this week, too.  Also, last week's family, the Rylands {also adopting 2 boys from China} have been given extra time to meet another matching grant.  Sooo, I'm encouraging you to donate to them, too.  (Remember, you can  donate on their blog--they have a donate button, too!)   If you already have, that's fine--you can do it again;)

Here are some links to my own know, since I'm adopting, too!  You can visit me at  my personal blog,  Peaceloveandcaffeine.    You can also shop through Zoe Clothing (just type "garrick" at checkout) or through my link at She Does Justice. (<<happened to be started by last week's family on the Africa page)
She Does Justice You can find very cool handmade products there.
        I love what these both of these companies stand for.  Businesses for good.  LOVE.   Do you have anyone you want us to learn about? Small business, non profits, etc?   

OK, ready for an update?  Remember the Tuckers? They came home last week with BOTH of their       babies and YOU were part of their journey.  We're grateful for you. Be sure and check out our other pages, too---we're one big family here!

Have a wonderful week, friends!

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