Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Among Friends

Good morning! The Rylands are having a great week, thanks to you! Hear from Katie today...

Seriously? What can I say. I love this crazy family. I first saw their story on youtube (I think). It was that funny video they did and posted over here on Give1Save1. Then I bumped into them through some adoption boards. Then I realized they were in my China adoptions facebook group. Every time I have “bumped” into them it has encouraged me.
Their faith and love for adoption pours into all that they do. Here they are, ready to go back through another adoption. The first adoption is terrifying. The fears, the doubts and questions are mind numbing. If you survive without being committed to an institution it’s a miracle. If you choose do it again, just face it you should be committed! 
Their sweet, sweet son who was instrumental in their decision to adopt again has started his own blog. Don’t you love to see how these kiddo’s are adjusting? I love that he is willing to give us a glimpse into his life. Check it out at . I love that he also has it written in Chinese characters!
Isn’t funny how you just know when they are yours? I mean out of hundreds of faces you see all of a sudden you find yourself in that heart stopping moment of thinking, “that’s my child!” Sometimes like the Rylands you aren’t even looking to adopt again. Read here how they discovered Cooper  and please go here  to read the sweetest story of how Colin was the catalyst to their decision to add Connor to their family!
The sacrifices made during an adoption are huge. You save every penny you possibly can, feel guilty for every penny spent and pray that God will make up the difference. The truth is that God is in it all along. Our worries, our fears are for nothing. He is handling it even when we can’t see how. Right now this family is trusting that God is making up the difference.
You don’t have to give. You can choose not to. You can decide they are just plain old crazy and hop back to your facebook world. But I promise you that you are missing out on an incredible journey. I for one cannot wait to see these boys with this family, going from orphans to sons, making a huge mess, leaving socks all over the floor, learning about love and learning that God loves them without reservation. I want to be a part of that.  Don’t you? A few dollars makes a huge dent in those adoption payments when we all choose to help. I’m game. How about you?

                                             ---love, Katie
*when you donate, their email address says "tommysfolks", so you're in the right spot!*

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  1. Katie... what a sweet post! Like you, I am kind of looking forward to some more socks on the floor around here too! Getting so excited about living as their parents as opposed to just feeling like their parents in our hearts! Much love to you friend, In Christ, Angie