Tuesday, January 22, 2013

A Word from Katie

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The language of international adoption is just about as foreign as the languages that our children come to us speaking.  When I first joined a few adoption groups I spent most of the time googling acronyms or words I’d never heard of before in my life. I finally swallowed my pride and just asked. Frankly, I’m still asking! Heads up to all agencies out there…you should hand every adoptive parent a list of these.

I’m in the waiting child program with China, so I’m curious to know what the other countries have in their bag of tricks. Enlighten us and share your own acronyms.

Here is how a normal conversation between adoptive parents in China groups goes. Hold onto your seats, it might get bumpy…

Where are you in your adoption?

Well, we already have PA and our SW completed our HS. So, we are waiting on our FP appointment. How about you?

We don’t have our referral yet,  so DH and I are waiting and already have been DTA and DTC. We are waiting for LOA.

Are you OOT yet?

We don’t know, but we are TOW!

            Don’t I know. BTDT!

Get the idea?  Let me help a little bit and add a few more to the mix.

PA- Pre approval
SW- Social worker
HS- Home study
FP- Fingerprinting
DH- Dear Husband
DTA- Dossier to Agency
DTC- Dossier to China
LOA- Letter of Acceptance (also LSC, Letter seeking confirmation)
OOT- Out of Translation
TOW- Tired of Waiting J
BTDT- Been there done that
TA- Travel Approval
PPR- Post placement report
CA- Consulate appointment
C- China

When your friends talk to you and slip and use some AP (adoptive parent) language now you’ll be able to catch a few of these language barriers.

What are some fun acronyms from the other Asian countries out there?  China can’t be the only group having all the fun!



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