Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Update AND A Request

**The Potgeters are almost at $2100  {<----old news} close to $2600!!! Yayyyyy for a great week! Thanks to those who've given!**

Will you do me a favor?  (or 4)  In a few days, we'll be merging all of our Give1Save1 pages (domestic, Africa, Europe and Asia) into one big, happy blog.  We think it will really be a huge help in keeping everyone in one place where you can follow along.  And it will be awesome.

Will you subscribe to our blog when we merge?
Will you set a reminder in your phone or on your calendar to give $1 every week to our families?
Will you follow or add us to your blog lovin'? Whatever works for you.
Will you "like" our  Facebook page? I knew you would - that's why you're my best friend.

Oh, and we'll have some giveaways, so you'll want to check in all week.

Happy fall!!

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