Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Travel Tips

Hey there! I've been traveling lately, so I've been away from the blog, but now I'm back.  Only for a while here, though, because we're merging SOON! Very soon!!  First you've heard of this? Read about it here.  We're all super excited!

We'll be bringing our daughter home soon, so I need travel tips.  What are some "must haves" for traveling with a toddler? Internationally.  On a plane.  A very long flight.  With a child who speaks a different language.   What worked for you?  My plan is to bring a few books, our iPad, some snacks for the hotel and plane (let's be real....those are for me, too), and a few toys.  What about you? Strollers vs carriers? Take lots of food or buy in country?  A variety of toys or keep it simple?

Thanks for following along. Our last family of the week, the Groves family, raised $799 during their time here!

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