Friday, February 22, 2013

Say Hey To Our New Blogger!

Happy Friday!! What are your plans for the weekend? I'm going to catch up on some reading and that's about it.
I'm very excited to introduce our newest contributor on our blog. Paula Sloan will start writing next week and I'm so happy to have her on board.  Read a little more about her and her family...

Growing up in Nashville, Tennessee, Paula had a burden for orphans very early in life. She knew that her future family would include adopted children. Michael and Paula met in college and got married in 2002. Living in Memphis, the Sloan family now has two awesome biological boys (Robert, 9 and Andrew, 7), and a precious daughter adopted from South Korea (Zoe, 3, adopted at 14 months).

Since taking the leap of faith to bring Zoe home, they have had a part in uniting 27 children with their forever families. God has called the Sloan family to another adventure. Through a crazy, BIG, God miracle, the Sloans are hosting a Latvian (Eastern Europe) boy with New Horizons for Children this summer and working his adoption at the same time! Viktors is almost 12 years old. He will be joining the Sloans in Memphis for five weeks this summer, and home forever shortly after that.

Paula is a former early childhood teacher and former children’s ministry leader. Paula has been blessed as a stay at home mom since 2008. Homeschooling their children, Paula’s days are primarily spent pouring over math workbooks, teaching phonics, and shuttling children to their various activities.

Paula spends time looking at photo-listings, praying over their orphaned faces, and advocating for them to find their forever families. Paula believes that EVERY child deserves to live in the love of a family and she’s determined to help as many children as possible to have just that!

Paula is thrilled to be a new contributor here on the Give1 Save1 Asia page. If you’d like to follow their family blog, hop on over to .

These are their children! Viktors, on the right, will join their family this year.

I'm very excited to have Paula on board with us! Spread the word about Give1Save1Asia (and all of our other pages!) to your friends. We're all on Facebook and we're always looking for new families to feature.  Check back next week for our newest family to support!

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